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About Us

In 1933, seven City of Seattle workers got together to lend each other, and their co-workers, a hand. They pooled their resources to make loans to each other that they couldn’t get from the banks. This spirit of people helping people has been a central part of the credit union philosophy in general and is a heritage that we at Seattle Credit Union take very seriously.

Our members are the reason we exist. Our number one job is to make sure that they are able to borrow money, grow their savings, and take advantage of special benefits as they travel on their journey toward prosperity, however they choose to define it.

We are proud to have been founded in Seattle and to have grown up with the city that created us. We’ve been here for nearly a century, and we look forward to providing the people of this amazing region the financial knowledge and tools they need to continue to unite the communities of the Puget Sound into the world-class destination Seattle has become.

Learn more below about who we are and why people across the state of Washington are becoming Seattle Credit Union members.